Video updates from Adventurers Faye and Anna in the Andes

As you are likely aware we supported Faye Shepherd in her Andes Adventure ride with the building of a Singular 29er MTB.

Here are some updates from Faye and her riding partner Anna McNuff... 


*For those of a nervous disposition, look away now.*

It's the Bolivian salt flats. We've seen just two cars in 110 miles. We can see for miles in either direction and the coast is well and truly clear. Anna turns to me and says "This is it, are you ready?" I'm still at the point where I can back out. I'm totally happy being fully clothed, but there's that pesky voice niggling away in my head saying "You will never have the chance to do this again". When that happens, there is no way I can back out.

I'm nervous- I hate getting naked. I hate it so much in fact, I barely get naked to get in the shower. Swimming pools are a nightmare and I just about manage to put a wetsuit on to go surfing. I'm a semi-cuddly 6ft1 red head and have spent most of my life trying to blend in. It's only recently that I've been more comfortable in my skin.

So, this is it. I feel sick, but take a deep breath and with cameras poised, we strip off and cycle into the distance. At the start I'm only focusing on the ground in front of me. My nerves and embarrassment (even though it's only Anna- we've wee'd in front of each other countless times) gradually begin fading away as I hear Anna's whoops and screams of liberating joy! The sun is beating down on my skin and the feeling of absolute freedom overwhelms me. No one else on the planet is here right now, cycling butt naked, just us two. I'm soon uncontrollably laughing. We do a naked fly-by high five, giggling like naughty kids before calling it a day on naked cycling.

Again, writing this post has scared me. I would have NEVER considered posting a naked picture of myself on social media. Indeed there are closer shots, but I don't feel the need to share those. This isn't a post about what I look like naked on a bike. Although, there I am, naked on a bike! It's about stepping outside of a comfort zone and doing something that for me, was really, truly scary. So until I become a raving naturist, this is all you're getting!

It's ridiculous, it's fun, it's harmless and it's bloody liberating.

Naked cycling. Done

Faye bare :/




"For all we know, it could all be hype. Just a load of tourist rubbish. The only way to actually know if it's salt - is to lick it."

And lick it we did. We licked it, pushed through it, pedalled over it, hop scotched on it, wee'd in it... Here's last week's best bits from crossing the Coipasa and Uyuni salars; both of which are (as stated) saltier than ready salted crisps. Who knew?!

Happy Monday peoples. May the days of this week be filled with your RDA of salt.


As you will have noticed, Anna has a way with words and, as a professional adventurer, we're really hoping she'll be writing a book about the trip!!

Keep going Ladies!