Faye Shepherd and Anna McNuff Continue to Live The Dream in South America

Faye Shepherd is cycling the Andes with her friend and legendary adventurer Anna McNuff.

Faye had her Singular bike prepared here at Cranked Bikes Shop in Bodmin for the trip. Click here to read more about Faye's adventure and bike.

We are loving to read of Faye and Anna's daily trials and tribulations. Here is Faye's latest post:

"Five days ago we left San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, heading towards Argentina in search of some more mountain passes. This time though, there was a beautiful ribbon of paved road awaiting us...

Faye and Anna's tents

We had a big climb out of Chile, from 2400m to 4800m up and over Paso Jama, but as soon as we hit that road, the joy of cycling returned. The pedals turned freely, our minds were able to drift off, we began singing again and even returned to playing our normal game of "Would you rather...

After a long but enjoyable day of singing/cycling and deciding we would rather lick a lama than hug a potentially rabid street dog, we made it over the top of Paso Jama to claim the highest camp spot of the trip so far. 4,755m ASL.

Upon waking the next day however, we realise our water supplies were low. We knew there were lagunas ahead but were a little reluctant to test the full capabilities of our water filtration bottles on such potent water, so we try and ration water. Now, rationing water is not big, it's not funny and it's definitely not clever- especially at altitude. We have however, made our (blow up) beds and so we must lie in them.

That is, until a driver with a bus load of tourists pulls alongside and waves frantically at us, before pulling over and passing what can only be described as a 'gift from the adventure gods' out of the window....a baguette and carton of orange juice.

Faye Shepherd'd tent and Singular Mountainbike prepared by Cranked Bikes Shop in Bodmin, Cornwall

After much jubilation on our behalf, (Anna raising the baguette above her head like a trophy) much to the adulation of the bus load of clapping tourists, we profusely thank them, wave them off and proceed to inhale half of the baguette.

With spirits high, tummies full and thirsts quenched, we power on through the day making great progress on the silky smooth tarmac- our bums positively rejoicing at the lack of bumps.

We stop again in the afternoon to enjoy some crackers overlooking a laguna, when, low and behold another tourist bus pulls up. It's the same bus! Out pops another baguette, and this time some water too! The tourists seem to be just as ecstatic about it all as we do- one of them even hangs out of the window to take a picture of the two 'crazy chicks on bikes'.

Anna McNuff celebrating the generosity of strangers in South America

We ask if there is anything we can do in return- Anna even promises one tourist her first born child (sorry Jamie, but needs must). After more 'thank you's' were exchanged, we pedal off, beaming ear to ear at the kindness of strangers.

That wasn't the last of the buses either- a third bus stopped while we were chatting to another cycle tourer. They gave us yet more food, but having already exceeded our baguette quota for the day, we very happily passed the food onto our new friend who was just as excited as we were!

It truly was a day of absolute kindness from strangers. Humankind can be awesome."

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